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With a new whisky revival underway in the Lowlands, Bothan’s exemplifies the region’s delicate and fruity style, distilled in a slow, Lowland fashion. Nearly forgotten at the turn of the 21st century, the Lowlands are in the midst of a renaissance with roughly twenty operating distilleries all working to restore its history.

Remaining true to style, we currently offer two exceptional expressions of our Bothan single malt – a more supple Sherry Cask whisky and a fruitier, classic Bourbon cask whisky. Each of these wonderful malts are characteristically light and citrusy, with floral aromas and sweet cereal notes the typify the Lowland personality.

Our Bothan Sherry Cask expression has been carefully matured in both ex-Bourbon and Sherry hogshead barrels, resulting in a marriage of flagrantly floral and fruity flavors. A sweet whisky with notes of sultana from the Sherry influence, along side biscuits and honey blossom flavors inherent to the malt itself.

Our Bothan Bourbon expression also carries a light and citrusy characteristic but boasts a range of nutty flavors, brimming with honeysuckle and blossoming jasmine on the finish.


Where to buy

You can purchase Bothan Scotch whisky at Total Wine & More – America’s Wine and Spirits Superstore. There are currently 229 superstores across 27 states with more on the way. Be sure to find a bottle of Bothan Scotch in a city near you!

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